Kamaal Hussain - Business Coach

I am co-founder and CEO PakPace, where I provide training sessions to business owners to grow their businesses.

With my 5+ years of business experience, I have created and run four successful companies. I have provided training to more than 5000 small

business owners.

With my 5+ years of personal business experience and the successful operation of four companies, I have developed a comprehensive training program that equips entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and knowledge to take their businesses to the next level.

The basic idea of my startup lies in recognizing the importance of shifting business owners' focus from trying to handle everything by themselves to building effective teams and systems.

By emphasizing the need for delegation and strategic expansion, I give business owners a unique approach to unlocking their true growth potential.

I believe entrepreneurs are the true heroes of any nation’s economy.

They create jobs, pay salaries to people on time, and develop solutions and products to deliver value to their customers. Most of them do this at the cost of their lifestyle.

While building my businesses, I realized business growth is a proper step-by-step process. It is not a hit-and-trial method.

I also found that no proper trainer in Pakistan provides explicit training to small and medium sized business owners.

Therefore, my goal is to impact and enable entrepreneurs so that they can continue their role in Pakistan’s nation-building.

PakPace creates a notable social impact by fostering entrepreneurship and economic growth in Pakistan. As entrepreneurs enhance their business acumen and implement effective strategies, they are better equipped to provide employment opportunities to the local workforce.

Additionally, successful businesses generate revenue that can be reinvested in the community, supporting social initiatives and overall development.

Honestly, I feel happy to see many small and medium businesses in Pakistan.

We have so much potential; business owners can help grow the Pakistani economy.

Money does not make money; capability makes money which

comes from learning.

Craft Success Together: Your Business, Your Coach, Your Growth.

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